The Art of Harsh is owned and operated by Scott "Harsh" Harshbarger, an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator who also dabbles in writing, game development and publishing. Harsh is a generalist proficient in a variety of styles and media, which often afford opportunities to delve into genre fiction projects, children's illustrations, and a growing selection of fiction and young adult book covers.

Harsh started drawing at the age of four when he still preferred his cartoons, imagination, and favorite action figures over people. His early shyness fell away as he matured into a young man who loved to observe all the nouns within his environment and then report them into his many sketchbooks. This innate curiosity lead to a life-long passion for investigating anything not immediately understood. Throughout his somewhat unorthodox education, Harsh managed to become a bit of a Neo-Renaissance man in that he has great appreciation for not only art, but also mathematics, music, religion, science, and more.

Harsh was first hired as a paid professional artist in 2002. Those works were published in the 2004 Bestiary of Krynn for the Dragonlance D&D setting, and has worked as a freelance illustrator ever since. His works can be found in a multitude of tabletop gaming products, in several children's books, adorning many covers for children's books, novels, and tabletop games, in film, and produced as a variety of graphic design elements.

Why Harsh?

A lifetime of training has culminated in a unique skill set that only Harsh can offer. He is skilled, talented, and dedicated to clean, compelling, functional, top quality digital story-driven assets created as either designs or illustrations. He is an assertive generalist creative who is a capable communicator, and confident in his potential. He is efficient, goal oriented, honest, imaginative, loyal, organized, and has over twenty years of experience. Delivering is his top priority second only to the client’s approval.

Harsh firmly believes in allowing one's imagination to remain unbound by nasty restrictions like "reality" or "universal laws". He makes every attempt to meet his clients with unrestricted creativity in order to successfully navigate whatever complications or complexities a project may present. Maintaining a child-like wonder well into adulthood is no easy task, however, which is why Harsh spends large chunks of time consuming visual media and delving into reference and research to assure his creations meet and exceed client expectations.

Harsh is not merely an artist/designer/illustrator. He is also an art director, game developer, publisher, and writer. The insights provided by these very different perspectives to the creative process allow him a unique view of every project.